ClearCase and Build Forge architected at a leading US Financial Services Company

Our team is in charge of application releases for customer facing applications. We support internal customers that are development teams. We release applications into test and production environments.  As our work grew, we struggle to keep up with our levels of service. Our manual solution became a “bottleneck” in the process. We needed an automated solution. The Arcisphere team helped us architect and design an automation solution using our ClearCase and Build Forge products. They also helped us train the teams we support internally. The automation solution, using IBM Rational products, has been a real transformation for us. Not only have we exceeded our service level agreements, but we also improved the quality of our service as we automated a manual process and we removed the risk of human error. We could not have been as successful without the Arcisphere team.

-Jim S., Business Transition Engineer for a leading US Financial Services Company

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