Scrum Consulting Firm

Do you need help with Scrum Implementations?

Scrum has clearly excelled with Agile practices in the industry. As many as 75 percent of  scrum implementations fall short. In Arcispheres Scrum Consulting, we leverage almost 20 years of experience helping hundreds of leading companies–to support your team’s move toward a successful Scrum implementation.

If you’re further along the learning curve already, you may benefit from hiring a Scrum Consulting Firm to help out with  Enterprise Agile /Scaling Scrum consulting or Scrum Tune-up consulting.

Check out some common Scrum consulting questions that arise.
Questions and Issues

  • We need to increase development speed
  • We need better predictability
  • We need more efficient, more productive projects
  • We want to obtain the benefits of Scrum we’ve heard about from other companies

Typical Solution

  • Providing a solid foundation of understanding with Scrum methodology and terminology
  • Working with team members to create a product backlog through a requirements elicitation workshop
  • Support your team in creating a release planning roadmap to provide mid- to long-term guidance for your project
  • Coach and mentor Scrum masters, product owners, and team members

Results You Can Expect when Hiring a Scrum Consulting Firm

  • A successful Scrum implementation
  • A shared vision for the release captured in a release roadmap
  • predictable software deliveries based on a prioritized product backlog
  • A heightened awareness of areas that need future improvement
  • A self-learning team equipped to continuously improve delivery predictability
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