Scaled Agile Framework


Today, our world runs on software. In order to keep pace, we build increasingly complex and sophisticated software systems. Doing so requires larger teams and continuously rethinking the methods and practices – part art, science, engineering, mathematics, social science – that we use to organize and manage these important activities. The Scaled Agile Framework is an interactive knowledge base for implementing agile practices at enterprise scale. The Scaled Agile Framework represents one such set of advances. The Scaled Agile Framework not only supports the Agile team, but the Agile enterprise.

The Scaled Agile Framework® (pronounced SAFe™) is a framework for implementing agile practices at enterprise scale. SAFe provides solutions for not only making development teams agile, but also to make the enterprise agile. SAFe supports individual roles, teams, activities, metrics and artifacts necessary to scale agile across the enterprise locally and/or globally.


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