Case StudyRational Build Forge ClearCase Integration (Case Study)

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Client Background

The Business Transition Team (BTT) supports internal development teams at a leading Global Financial Services Company. The BTT performs release management of account holder facing applications into test and production environments.

Business Need

The BTT employed a manual design to fulfill their roles as release engineers. Faced with an increasing workload, the BTT soon found their manual solution could not fulfill the demand for their services; the team sought to improve their level of client service and further establish their position as industry-leading release engineers.

Solution Design

The Arcisphere team designed and implemented a strategy that integrated IBM Rational Build Forge with the BTT’s existing ClearCase solution. Build Forge is a tool that navigates and automates a given project’s myriad of release steps. In one solution, Arcisphere consultants crafted a Build Forge project to automatically instantiate the ClearCase client to create a staging are for the BTT’s release candidates. This staging area further acted as a “golden repository for compliance reporting.” An additional Arcisphere solution included the design of a Build Forge project that automatically delivered the BTT’s release candidate into the test and/or product environments. As an added benefit, Build Forge’s logging feature compiled critical paper trails for compliance reporting.


Arcisphere’s Build Forge automation projects, tailored specifically for the BTT, enabled the team to exceed their service level agreements. Moreover, the Build Forge automation successfully removed human error from the BTT’s execution, thereby enhancing the quality of service.
To ensure a seamless transition from the manual design to the new, automated system, the Arcisphere team trained the BTT-supported development teams. This systems-training facilitated the creation of self-service solutions by the BTT and their supporting development teams. The ability to construct self-service solutions is a critical cornerstone of consistent and continued quality assurance.

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