Rational Team Concert Training – Create a Symphony

Humans have an inherent desire to strive for greatness. That greatness shows itself in some very obvious ways, in the realms of art and music specifically. When you see a great piece of art or hear masterful music, you know you’re hearing greatness. Sadly, there are forms of greatness that go unnoticed. Project managers have the opportunity to show greatness. They do that, not through their technical ability but through their ability to create an environment of teamwork. When they can get their team excited about the project and about using their skills to do their part, they’re displaying greatness. When they can unlock each team member’s potential to create results above expectation, they’re displaying greatness. One way you can display greatness as a project manager is to arm yourself with the best tools to do so.

To create the team dynamic described above – the one that creates “great” results – wouldn’t it make sense to have a tool at your fingertips that supports you in your quest. You unlock your team’s potential and use the tool to allow them to share their unique gifts and create greatness. You’re a conductor of a beautiful symphony. Maybe you’re not creating music but you are bringing out the talents of people and conducting them in the creation of something incredible. The tool you need at your fingertips is Rational Team Concert.

To set your team up for greatness, the best thing you can offer them is Rational Team Concert training. Before the project even starts, they’ll get a taste for the value of collaboration and how easy Rational Team Concert makes it.

The Rational Team Concert software has features that allow for collaboration on several project pieces, including work-items, configurations, and builds. Your team will easily be able to track which tasks are complete, in progress, or not started. They’ll be able to work on the next highest priority task, making sure everybody is moving toward the same goal seamlessly. It also includes advanced source control for teams that are spread across the globe, erasing the possibility of wasted work.

It also has built-in planning tools for both agile projects and formal projects. It enables your team to collaborate on the best plan to execute and then implement that plan together. It also allows you to easily monitor team progress.
Don’t waste any more time. Invest in the software itself and in Rational Team Concert training. You’ll be setting the tone of the project to be collaborative right from the start. And the tool won’t let that be forgotten. Every step of the way, your team will be forced to collaborate with each other due to the ease of team integration that Rational Team Concert allows. But, more importantly, they won’t need to be forced. With this tool in your hand, you’ll have them wanting to collaborate, wanting to complement each others’ skills, and wanting to create something great.

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