VMware Consulting and Training for Corporate

Best Practices VMware Consulting and Training for Corporate

Now more than ever, companies are looking to increase productivity while cutting costs, and that means that transitioning to a virtualized environment is serious business. After all, virtualization is the primary way companies can gain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace by reducing IT infrastructure overhead while increasing productivity and revenue.

If you have decided to migrate to a virtualized environment, the type of VMware consulting and training your enterprise chooses will determine whether or not you accomplish your goals and objectives for both the short and long term. VMware consultants are cropping up everywhere with many claiming to be experts on server virtualization and training. In order to know which claims to believe, it’s important to be familiar with the best practices in VMware consulting and training.

VMware ware Consulting and Training Practices

Implementing a virtualized infrastructure involves many facets, ranging from the desktop environment to the data center. The VMware consultant you’re working with should be able to assist you right from the planning and design phase all the way through to implementation, training, and continuous support.

VMware consulting and training companies must be well versed in virtualization solutions so they can provide sound advice.  Otherwise, you can end up with an infrastructure that does not meet enterprise needs.

A high quality VMware consultant will help you leverage existing technology while improving performance and increasing security.  This requires that the VMware consultant understands what your enterprise needs now and for the future. This will ensure you minimize downtime, increase security, and reduce the cost and complexity involved with delivering enterprise services.

Some of the solutions and virtualization trends a VMware consultant should be knowledgeable about include but are not limited to the following:

  • Server Consolidation:  Consolidation reduces waste in terms of server resources, cuts utility and IT costs, and improves productivity when it comes to delivering enterprise services.  A VMware consultant should be capable of analyzing your existing environment in order to provide sound recommendations for what the target environment should resemble.  This includes an analysis of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in terms of the sizing requirements for both the project and the server.
  • Disaster Recovery:  Migrating to a virtualized environment should mean improved disaster recovery. An expert VMware consultant will help your enterprise deploy a robust disaster recovery and backup solution. This should also include disaster recovery training and best practices.
  • Migration:  Once you have decided to migrate to a virtualized environment, your VMware consultant should know how to transfer the workloads of enterprise physical servers to virtual machines.  This practice is used during server consolidation and legacy migration, and it eliminates the need to re-install software or reconfigure application environments.
  • TCO:  A VMware consultant should be able to show an enterprise how to minimize Total Cost of Ownership in terms of reducing hardware requirements, datacenter square footage, power reduction and cooling, storage, rack space, and network components.
  • Streamline Management of IT:  A VMware consultant who is knowledgeable in this area can assist with provisioning, availability and capacity management, and service level and continuity management.  This includes eliminating time consuming software installations through the use of virtual appliances.
  • Reduce Capital and Operating Costs:  Your VMware consultant should be able to show your enterprise how to consume resources as they are needed as opposed to maintaining more than one system, some of which are only used intermittently.

These are a few of the best practices when it comes to VMware consulting and training for corporations.  Keep in mind that each individual business has different requirements. However, a quality VMware consultant should be able to provide you with a personalized experience which will ensure every requirement is met now and in the future.

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