3 Ways the Agile Software Development Lifecycle Can Help Your Project

If you have a customer that keeps coming back to you for new phases of a project, the agile software development lifecycle might be able to help. Since your customer has committed to you and your company long term, it makes sense to use the development process that will keep them as happy as possible. With the software development life cycle, have you ever found that your customers complain to you about never getting enough into a release? Or maybe your customers constantly want you to improve the success metrics of a system. You determine ways to do just that but can’t implement them because your customer always prioritizes other items. Sound familiar? They don’t see it that way, of course. The agile software development lifecycle can help you with all of those issues.

Shorter Release Timelines Result in Happier Customers

With the agile software development lifecycle, it’ll be almost impossible for your customer to complain about never getting enough in a release. You’ll have shorter releases and your customer will be an active part of the prioritization of functionality that will go into each release. The functionality will be pulled from a master list of feature requirements and updates. And if something moves up in priority mid-release, they won’t have to wait long to get it into production because the next release is right around the corner.

It’s Easier to Hold Your Customer Accountable

Your customer has hired you to improve their system. So when the success metrics of the system don’t improve after months, maybe years, of working on the system, they can come to you screaming and yelling. What you know, and what they don’t realize, is the reason you haven’t been able to improve their success metrics. You’ve come up with surefire recommendation after recommendation that will improve their system but can never implement any of them because your customer always fills up releases with business requirements that won’t improve metrics at all. Before every release in the agile software development lifecycle, you visually show your customer what functionality will get bumped out of the release if they choose to prioritize a business requirement. You also show them the expected increase in the success metrics that they are bumping out of the release. The agile software development lifecycle keeps them accountable and makes them constantly realize the impact of their choices. More importantly, it takes the onus off of you.

It Allows You to Measure and Improve Functionality Quickly

Since you’ll be deploying small chunks of functionality at a time instead of huge pieces of functionality, you have the opportunity to test how they’re working before building it all. You can immediately test how functionality is working. If it’s not working as expected, you can decide to either remove it in the next release, improve it, or add to it. This is powerful and your customer will appreciate your increased responsiveness.
The only way to really see the value of the agile software development lifecycle is to try it for yourself. But now you have an idea of how powerful it can be for your project.

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